Community Extension Service

The DWCL Community Extension Service was created to serve the marginalized sector of the society through building Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC’s) and educating the DWCL personnel and students on Christian – oriented service. The DWCL CES programs are designed to cater to communities that have high needs for basic services. Those programs are geared toward holistic and sustainable developments of BEC’s. In addition, the DWCL CES aims to kindle the spirit of genuine service among DWCL personnel and students, for they are the force that will ensure the attainment of the office’s objectives. They are, therefore provided direct exposures to the adopted communities.

Through the Community Extension Service, the DWCL can make its program responsive to the needs of the people in the region that answers to the call and challenge for national developments.


  1. To involve all sectors of the academe in responding to the needs of the outside community;
  2. To raise clientele consciousness and develop their skills and competence in their field of specializations along socio-economic, political & ecological/environmental aspects;
  3. To provide and facilitate Livelihood Training and projects to the adopted and served communities;
  4. To provide and facilitate the delivery of basic social services to the adopted and other served communities.
  5. To undertake projects/activities for ecological and environmental preservation and protection.
  6. To establish linkages/networks with other institutions for a more effective community extension service.
  7. To provide and facilitate Christian Life Formation Activities


Education/ Training

  1. Free Secondary Distance Education Program (FSDEP) for the working OSY & Young Adults
  2. Community-Based Literacy Projects
    1. Pre-School Enhancement Classes
    2. Tutorial Classes for Elementary
  3. Seminar/ Training on Social issues
  4. Basic Health Seminars
  5. Basic Computer Literacy Seminar

Economic Development

  1. Skills and Livelihood Training
  2. Livelihood Project

Social Services

  1. Medical & Dental Mission
  2. Calamity Assistance Program
  3. Share to Care & Christmas Cheers Program

Christian Formation / Spiritual Enhancement

  1. SVD Faith Catechesis
  2. Recollection
  3. Theology 6 Community Services

Ecological / Environmental Protection & Rehabilitation Program

  1. Care for Mother Earth Program
    1. Cleanliness
    2. Beautification
    3. Fund Raising – " Pera sa Basura "
  2. stribution of Trash bins to DWCL Adopted communities
  3. Gulayan sa Barangay
    1. Gulayan sa Harong kan kada Divinian

Community Infrastructure Projects

  1. One Peso Campaign Project (Theology Department)

Other Prog./ Proj./ Activities

  1. SVD Cup 2k17 for DWCL Employees
  2. Community Profiling to CES new adopted communities
  3. Community Researchers
  4. Organization of CES Volunteers
  5. CES Journal

Networking / Linkages & Fund Sourcing

  1. Establishing linkages with LGU’s, GO’s, HEI’s, Social Welfare Institutions, and concerned parishes.
  2. Soliciting fund through submission of Project Proposals to local and foreign Funding agencies.

Community Extention Service Adopted Communities:


  1. Brgy. Taysan, Legazpi City

Served Barangays

  1. Brgy. Matanag Legazpi City
  2. Brgy. San Roque Legazpi City


  1. Brgy. Mi—Isi, Daraga Albay
  2. Brgy. Malobago, Daraga Albay
  3. Brgy. Kinawitan, Daraga, Albay
  4. Brgy. Mabini, Daraga Albay
  5. Brgy. Bagong Abre, Leg. City
  6. Brgy. Dita, Leg. City
  7. Brgy. Lamba , Leg. City
  8. Brgy. Buraguis, Leg. City
  9. Brgy. Mariawa, Leg. City
  10. Brgy. Maslog, Leg. City
  11. Brgy. Bariis, Leg. City
  12. Brgy. Imalnod, Leg. City
  13. Brgy. Bagacay, Leg. City
  14. Brgy. Estanza, Leg. City
  15. Brgy. Buhatan Sto. Domingo


CES Office Manager: Ivy Bismonte

CES Field Specialist: Ramonelle Ala

CES Chairman of the Council: Melchor Borcelis

CES Coordinators

GS: Dindo Mendivel

SHS: Antonio Bañares

SAS: Mylene Entia

SED: Christine Bautista

SBMA: Anne Tablizo

SoECS: Victor Parillas Jr.

SoN: Ma. Luz Maristela

SHOM: Jacqueline Segarra

OMPO: Dina Alfane

FSDEP: Adelaida Perez