Senior High School Department

The Senior High School Department aims to develop and enhance the talents and skills of the students to be locally and globally competitive; to prepare them for work, entrepreneurship, or higher education; and to mold them so that they may become citizens who have a heart for service and a dream for the Filipino nation.

Specific Objectives

  1. Equip the students with information, media and technology skills, learning and innovative skills, effective communication skills, and life and career skills;
  2. Develop desirable knowledge, skills, attitudes, and competencies essential for making intelligent career choices;
  3. Increase students’ motivation to develop and excel in their talents;
  4. Enhance students’ intellectual, critical and analytical thinking skills to help them deal effectively with varied life situations;
  5. Enable the students to acquire skills that would make them better prepared for post-high school life; and
  6. Inculcate in them the Divinian core values of excellence, justice, professionalism, peace, service, and integrity of creation for a holistic formation and development.



ABM – Accountancy, Business, & Management (BOOKEEPING NC III)

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM WITH ROBOTICS)

GAS – General Academic Strand


HE – Home Economics

  • Cookery
  • Bread & Pastry Production
  • Food and Beverages NC II
  • Event Management NC II

ICT – Information, Communication, & Technology Computer Systems Servicing

List of Faculty and Staff (S.Y. 2019-2020)

  1. Alcantara, Emma T.         -         Principal
  2. Andes, Sara Jane
  3. Cantero, Marichris
  4. Domanais, Ricky
  5. Gabionza, Belinda
  6. Guban, Caredine C.
  7. Litana, Jahnna
  8. Lugena, Syndel
  9. Mayor, Ma. Katrina Camelle
  10. Muñoz, Grace
  11. Narvaja, Lalyn
  12. Abache, Jozald
  13. Ala, Jobelle
  14. Apuli, Rochelle Ann
  15. Balala, Rose Ann
  16. Balana, Mark Christian
  17. Balatucan, Marjorie May
  18. Benaraba, Jay
  19. Benosa, Jhoriel
  20. Biso, Kristine Mae
  21. Gomez, David
  22. Imaysay, Sharmila
  23. Llaguno, Albert
  24. Maigue, Reggie L.
  25. Mapa, Christopher Paolo
  26. Pastor Alma A
  27. Quiapon, Nikko
  28. Rico, Eugene Andrew
  29. Tabal, Sharon
  30. Delos Santos, Pearly Joy
  31. Gamboa, Conrad
  32. Maceda, Jeofrey
  33. Mañugo, James Dean
  34. Berces, Kim
  35. Esmilla, Rossan