The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Divine Word College of Legazpi. He represents the College in conferences, meetings and other social functions; and promotes good relations with educational associations, government agencies, faculty, students, employees and the general public. He sees to it that general policies established by the Board of Trustees are implemented; that all legal requirements are observed and that everything is done to attain the stated vision, mission and goals of the College to promote the best interest of students and staff.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs

The Vice President for Academic Affairs is the executive officer of the college in academic matters. He/she is responsible for the development and enrichment of the academic life of the faculty members and the students of the whole institution.

The Vice President for Administration

The Vice President for Administration is the executive officer of the College in Administration matters. He assists the President in the implementation of all policies and programs regarding the administrative aspects of the school operations. He plans, organizes, coordinates and implements the programs of the administrative units concerned with the mission goals and objectives of the institution and attends to the needs of the administrative academic departments.

The Vice President for Finance

The Vice President for Finance assists the President in the implementation of all policies and programs regarding the financial aspect of the school operations. Among others, he handles requests of students for promissory notes before the designated examinations dates and communicates with students, parents and/or guardians who failed to comply with the agreements stipulated in the promissory notes. He signs admission slips for examinations, approves application on tuition fee discounts and/or scholarship grants and issues statement of accounts and clearances of students at appropriate dates.

The President's Cabinet

The President's Cabinet was activated on January 11, 2003. The Cabinet, composed of the President as the Chairman, the three VPs as members, is the main consultative body of teh President. It performs advisory and coordinative functions. It regularly meets twice a month to discuss matters affecting the overall operations of the school.

The Campus Chaplain

The Campus Chaplain is directly responsible for the effective rendering of religious services to all the students and the academic and non-academic personnel. He makes provisions for students, faculty and personnel's spiritual growth and development through programs that will encourage participative commitment to the school.

The Deans of Colleges

The Colleges of Business Education, Engineering and Computer Studies, Arts and Sciences, Education and Nursing are assigned each a Dean who supervises the effective operation of the college to achieve the school's vision, mission and goals.

The College Registrar

The Registrar, as part of the administrative framework, is tasked with the responsibility of maintaining and safekeeping of student records. Relative to this responsibility, she enforces government and school regulations regarding admission requirements, enrollment, subjects, loads, subject sequence and pre-requisites, release of students' records, transfer of students and their graduation.

The Student Affairs Director

The Student Affairs Director is in charge of the welfare of the students; oversees matters concerning student development and activities. The SAO is in charge of the supervision of accredited student organizations and acts as a channel of communication between and among the students and the faculty, the administration and the parents/guardians of the students. It has the full functional responsibility for planning, directing, controlling and evaluating major campus-wide student affairs programs including overseeing formation and discipline of students.

Admission Guidance and Testing Center Director

TThe Office Head is tasked with the responsibility of helping the students and other members of the academic community in their difficulties. The office provides entrance examinations for incoming collegians, guides them in their new student life and sustains them as they grow personally.

The information, placement, counseling, evaluation and follow-up services are provided to assist the individual in making proper adjustments in order to attain self-growth and self development. The office reaches out to others through the Peer Counselors’ Organization, which is composed of trained student volunteers. It also assists some outlying schools in their guidance needs through its outreach program.

The College Librarian

The College Librarian is in-charge of recommending for the procurement of library materials to the Finance Office, maintenance of all library facilities, proper circulation of library resources, and assistance to faculty and students in their researches, studies and the like.

Human Resource Director

Responsible for overall management of human resources operation, the officer ensures operational excellence, quality service and quality personnel through effective personnel planning, recruitment, selection and placement. The Director is also in-charge of the development and maintenance of human resources, developing a succession program, managing labor relations, evaluation and research and provision of environment conducive to the institution’s development.

The Research and Planning Director

The Research Center headed by the Director, is the lead unit in DWCL in research to complement instruction and extension services, the three pillar-functions of HEIs. It serves as data-bank of all possible information needed by the Planning Office and repository of research reports both in the graduate and undergraduate levels. The Director spearheads research activities in the five colleges through the College Research Councils and continuously trains the faculty in research work. For planned directions, policies in research work of faculty and personnel are drafted and prepared in a manual. With specified Research Agenda, research proposals are prepared, and research conducted, many of which had been published in the Divine Word College Research Journals.

Safety and Engineering Officer

Responsible for planning, developing, evaluating and ensuring safety, health and general welfare of the members of the DWCL Community.

Physical Plant Officer

The office is tasked with the responsibility of inspecting the physical conditions of the assigned department and its facilities; requisitioning for needed facilities and materials, planning & supervising construction/repair; supervising and ensuring the support services provided to staff and students; person in-charge and responsible for the development and enrichment of the operations of the gymnasium.


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The Liceo de Albay (LDA), a diocesan parochial school for boys, was founded in 1947 by Rev. Fr. Juan Carullo, a retired army chaplain. The members of the Board of Trustees were Msgr. Justiniano Romano, Fr. Alfonso Molina, Fr. William Rehente and Fr. Rustico Burce. The school building was located at corners Rizal and Maria Clara Streets (Fr. Joseph L. Bates St.) Legazpi City