The College of Arts & Sciences through a program of liberal education aims to develop persons with a humanistic and scientific background. It aims to develop unique persons as mature Christian and cultured professionals capable to take their place in human society as community of professionals and friends dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in education, scientific research and service to God, country and humanity.

  1. To develop a truly humane person whose desire for personal growth is tempered with moral and spiritual values.
  2. To equip the student with professional competence within a field of specialization in the humanities, natural sciences or the social sciences so that he becomes a productive member of his community and the nation as a whole.
  3. To instill a sense of citizenship by making the student aware of the thrust in the development of Filipino society and his potential contribution to his development through the practice of his profession.
  4. To develop an integrated personality able to withstand pressures and able to function adequately in world marked by rapid scientific, technological and social changes.
  5. To strengthen the sense of social responsibility by cultivating values that preserve family unity such as mutual love, respect and fidelity.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics (AB Econ)
  • Bachelor of Arts in English Language (AB Eng. Lang)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (BA PS)
  • Bachelor of Library & Information Science (BLIS)
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology (BS Bio)
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (BS Math)
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BS Psych)


North Campus
Rizal Corner Fr.Bates Streets
Legazpi City
South Campus
Washington Drive
Legazpi City
  • Tel Number: (052)480-1239 & 820-4126
  • Email:
  • Telefax: (052)480-2148 & 481-0305 (HS)

The Liceo de Albay (LDA), a diocesan parochial school for boys, was founded in 1947 by Rev. Fr. Juan Carullo, a retired army chaplain. The members of the Board of Trustees were Msgr. Justiniano Romano, Fr. Alfonso Molina, Fr. William Rehente and Fr. Rustico Burce. The school building was located at corners Rizal and Maria Clara Streets (Fr. Joseph L. Bates St.) Legazpi City