Condition of Admission

  • Freshmen

  • Graduates of recognized secondary schools by the Department of Education may be admitted at the tertiary level of Divine Word College of Legazpi. A DWC Admission Test (DWCAT) should be taken by all applicants for admission in any course offered at the College.

  • Transferees

  • Transferees are students who have already taken some subjects in other school/s or college/s and who wish to continue studying at DWCL. They should present valid admission credentials from the previous school attended. They are required to take the DWCAT before they go to the Dean for interview.

  • Cross enrollees

  • Graduating students from the other schools may be admitted at DWCL to enroll in subject(s) authorized by his/her mother school for a specific school term or semester. He/She should present a permit to study specifying the subject/s and units to be taken. The permit should be issued by the College Registrar. A cross-enrollee is not required to take the DWCAT.

  • Foreign Students

  • Non Filipino citizens who wish to study at DWCL may be admitted to a course of their choice provided they possess valid admission credentials required for the course they want to pursue. They should present their passport, Visa, CHED and Bureau of Immigration approved Permit to study. This Permit to study is renewed every semester. Foreign students are likewise required to take the DWCL Admission Test (DWCAT). An acceptance fee shall be collected from each accepted foreign student. Rates will be set by the Office of the Vice President for Finance.

    Foreign students who wish to take special non-credit courses/programs are likewise welcome to DWCL. Applicants may be admitted provided they possess valid admission credentials required for the non-degree program they want to pursue. They should present their passport and Visa.

  • Second Undergraduate Course Enrolees

  • Students who are degree holders and want to pursue another course at DWCL are also welcome. They are required to present their Official Transcript of Records to the Dean for evaluation and advice. As incoming new students, they are required as well to take the College Admission Test (DWCAT). Exempted from this policy are the college graduates of DWCL.


All applicants (Freshmen, Transferees, and Second Undergraduate Degree Applicants) are required to take the Divine Word College Admission Test (DWCAT) administered by the Admission, Guidance and Testing Center. A minimal and non refundable Testing Fee for the application form, recommendation forms (can be filled out by the High School Principal, Teachers/Professors and/or Guidance Counselors), informational materials, testing and processing will be collected at the Cashier's Office.

Within 30 minutes, examination results are released so as to fast-track the admission process of each applicant.


New students/transferees who passed the examinations are to undergo interview with the Dean.

Valid Admission credentials are presented to the Dean, High school grades are factors considered in the admission of students. The Dean approves or disapproves admission. If admitted, the student continues with the enrolment process.

Individual Admission

This admission scheme will cover those applicants and/or in some cases, old students, who were but not limited to:

  • Applicants diagnosed with Mental Health Problems
  • Applicants with recognized symptoms of Mental Health Problems
  • Persons with Disability
  • Persons with Learning Disability

Retention Policy

Each department observes its own retention policy. However, generally no one is re-admitted in the course he is enrolled in if he incurs two (2) failing marks in any minor or major subjects per semester. This policy however is only applicable to those students enrolled in nine (9) or more units per semester.

Nonetheless, the Dean reserves the right to re-admit a student with two (2) or more failing marks depending on the existing retention policy unique to each college or department. The Dean may require a reduced academic load or be placed under probation if the student is given the chance to continue his course, or he may be advised to take another course. Specific detailed retention policy provisions are available in different colleges/departments.

Promotion Policy

Students who have completed all the required units of the course at the lower year level are promoted to the next higher year level.

Normally, a bachelor's degree is completed in four years except in the case of engineering course or BSA.

Enrolment Procedure

Every student seeking admission shall register during the prescribed enrolment period. Detailed instructions on enrolment procedures are posted during enrolment time.

  • No enrolment is possible without the necessary credentials.
  • Enrolment shall be done in person; hence enrolment by proxy is discouraged.
  • All students are given ID number and password. These ID Number and password should be kept and used by students all throughout their stay at DWCL, especially when they want to get access to their school records via internet.
  • A student is considered officially enrolled when all required credentials are submitted and has a validated print-out of class schedule issued by the Registrar.

Admission Policy for the Graduate School

DWCL was acquired in 1961 by the Divine Missionaries (SVD) as Liceo de Albay from the Diocese of Legazpi, it is a non-stock, non-profit catholic institution.

In addition to the basic education and collegiate department, the Graduate School of Business and Management was opened in 1978 to be responsive to the expanding needs of clientele from the business sector in Albay and Legazpi City by offering an MBA program. In 1992, it expended by offering the Master in Public Administration (MPA) Program. As a consequence of the selection of DWCL by FAPE as the Center for Development in Business Education in Region V, the Master in Business Education (MBE) was opened in 1995. In 2003, DWCL-GSBM became the second institution in Region V to implement the virtualization program of CHED.

From 1978 to date, the GSBM has passed through the management of ten deans.

The GSBM program is anchored on the institution's motto: "DUC IN ALTUM" - AIMING HIGH, STRIVING HARD and LOVING MUCH.


    Required Admission Credentials:

  1. New Students (High School Graduates)
      • Divine Word College Admission Test(DWCAT) Result
      • Report Card(Form 138) or PEPT Certificate or ALS Certificate
      • Certificate of Good Moral Character
      • NSO Birth Certificate
      • Medical Certificate for Nursing Students
      • Two(2) pcs 1x1 ID Photo
      • Marriage Certificate for Married Applicant
      Additional Requirements for Foreign Students
      • A photocopy of the Alien Certificate of Registration(ACR)
      • Passport, Visa
      • CHED and Bureau of Immigration Approved Permit to Study
  2. Transferees from other Institutions
    • Divine Word College Admission Test(DWCAT) Result
    • Certificate of Transfer Credentials/Honorable Dismissal
    • An Official Transcript of Records or Certified lists of subjects taken indicating all ratings and credits earned
    • NSO Birth Certificate
    • Certificate of Good Moral Character
    • Two(2) pcs 1x1 ID Photo
  3. Cross Enrollees
    • Permit from his/her school allowing him/her to attend classes at DWCL
    • Certificate of Good Moral Character
    • One(1) pc 1x1 ID Photo
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The Liceo de Albay (LDA), a diocesan parochial school for boys, was founded in 1947 by Rev. Fr. Juan Carullo, a retired army chaplain. The members of the Board of Trustees were Msgr. Justiniano Romano, Fr. Alfonso Molina, Fr. William Rehente and Fr. Rustico Burce. The school building was located at corners Rizal and Maria Clara Streets (Fr. Joseph L. Bates St.) Legazpi City