Divine Word College of Legazpi (DWCL) maintains an open admission policy. This institution accepts qualified freshmen,Curricular Offering for Basic Education. The Divine Word College of Legazpi (DWCL) has been providing quality Christian Education in the Province of Albay for a little over 50 years. DWCL is dedicated in providing a caring environment where students are encourage to develop Christian values,strive for academic excellence and a holistic development consistent of the institution's thrust of excellence,professionalism and service.

  1. Individual Inventory
  2. Counseling
    • On Call
    • For individual and Groups
  3. Interviews
    • Intake Interview
    • Monitoring
    • Exit
  4. Seminars/ Trainings for Personal- Social- Emotional Growth: Upcoming
  5. Placement
    • Tracer Studies
    • Linkages
    • Partnership with Marketing
  6. Career Development Program
  7. Research and Evaluation
Admission Guidance and Testing Center
Rm 102 Ground Floor, Left Wing Divine Word College of Legazpi
Corner Fr. Bates and Rizal Street 4500 Legazpi City Albay, Philippines
Tel:(052)480-1239 & 820-4126

Email: dwclinfo@dwc-legazpi.edu


North Campus
Rizal Corner Fr.Bates Streets
Legazpi City
South Campus
Washington Drive
Legazpi City
  • Tel Number: (052)480-1239 & 820-4126
  • Email: dwclinfo@dwc-legazpi.edu
  • Telefax: (052)480-2148 & 481-0305 (HS)

The Liceo de Albay (LDA), a diocesan parochial school for boys, was founded in 1947 by Rev. Fr. Juan Carullo, a retired army chaplain. The members of the Board of Trustees were Msgr. Justiniano Romano, Fr. Alfonso Molina, Fr. William Rehente and Fr. Rustico Burce. The school building was located at corners Rizal and Maria Clara Streets (Fr. Joseph L. Bates St.) Legazpi City